Font-Romeu: A Residents' Collective Rises Up Against the New "La Serra" Development

Citizen Mobilisation to Protect Local Heritage and Environment

In our beloved commune of Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via, there's been a lot of talk recently about a new housing development project called "La Serra". A group of local residents has formed and is taking steps to oppose the project, which they believe could have a major impact on our environment and heritage.


The 'La Serra' development plans to build twenty-three plots covering an area of 9,632 m2. Of particular concern to the group is the proximity of the development to a number of historic monuments, including the Odeillo solar oven and the church of Saint-Martin d'Odeillo. Local residents are concerned about the impact this new development could have on these heritage buildings.

Reactions and Actions

Faced with these concerns, the group of local residents did not sit idly by. As soon as the project was announced in February, ten owners of the neighbouring Castella housing estate lodged an appeal with the town hall, calling for the project to be withdrawn. This appeal went unanswered, prompting the collective to take the matter to the administrative court. "How could the architect for French buildings have given his approval," the residents complain, pointing out that the development will be less than 500 metres from listed buildings.

Other Viewpoints

The reaction from the Town Hall is rather reserved. Alain Luneau, the town's first mayor, points out that "the application for planning permission was examined by the government and returned to the town hall with a favourable opinion". He added that the permit had therefore been granted by the Town Hall, and that an appeal had been lodged against this authorisation, which was currently being processed.

The future of the "La Serra" project in Libra

The situation in Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via is complex and raises many questions. The residents' collective, concerned about the implications of the new "La Serra" housing estate, has taken legal action to make its voice heard. On the other hand, the Town Hall seems to be following the legal procedures, but the lack of communication and transparency is raising questions. What impact will this project have on local heritage? How will the authorities respond to citizens' concerns? Only time will tell.

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